Meet the Sage View Critters

Our Goat Girls

Three goats momma Valentine, Stella and Dory graze in the pasture in nature at Sage View Ranch.

Valentine came to us in 2018 at 3 years of age. She had lost 2 kids that year prior to arriving here. She has the most fantastic milk so we decided to breed here and now she has her two girls Dory (black body) and Stella (greyish). She is a FANTASTIC mom and loves her girls. Would you like shares so you can experience her milk?

Goat Milk


Ziggy our cat sits in the window enjoying the mountain view at Sage View Ranch

King Ziggy lives in the main house. He was born in 2003 and has been with us ever since. He has traveled this country with us in our motorhome and loves meeting new people. He really enjoys this land here in Paonia.

Rodney and his Girls

rodney the rooster and hens free range at Sage View Ranch

These chickens are completely free range and their eggs are super delicious as a result. Rodney takes care of his hens and he will crow at all hours of the day to let you know he is in charge. DO NOT feed any of them as they are on a special organic food and bug diet. Would you like to buy some of their eggs?

Want eggs

Teva - Caretaker of the land

Teva our grand dog and a little kitten sitting on a chair at Sage View Ranch in paonia

Teva is the best grand dog! She is gentle with all of the animals yet keeps predators away. Our son Tyler does the best job of raising animals as they all seem to love and take care of one another. 

Charlie - Grandcat

Charlie the cat taking a nap at Sage View Ranch in Paonia Colorado.

Charlie was raised by dogs so he is a dog-cat. He runs super fast and you will see he and Teva wrestle at times. He gets along with everyone although he and Ziggy are still sorting things out. Ziggy does not care for Charlie's rough playing  

Branson's cat Mouse

Branson and his cat named Mouse hanging out together in nature in the stroller on a walk

Branson is our handsome grandson and Mouse chose him. This sweet cat may be tiny but she is the best hunter. The only mouse in their house is her. She became a mom in March of 2019. She loves to greet everyone and always requests some rubbins.