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The Gift of Raw Milk

Valentine gifts us delicious raw milk. and I am holding up 2 quts.

It is not legal to sell raw milk for human consumption in the State of Colorado. However, Colorado Revised Statutes 25-5-.5-117 allows for milk distribution through a consumer/farmer contract known as a herd share agreement.  In speaking with and attorney who will be drawing up our contracts he has been consuming raw milk for over 18 years and has been helping farmers offer shares and he has not seen or had ill health effects. 

On this page you will find links to articles and info to help you make an informed decision on whether or not raw milk is right for you. 

Valentine is Sharing

Valenting is the sweetest goat. We are out for a walk.

We had never experienced goat milk, as a matter of fact, we hadn't been regular milk consumers for years. We were drinking nut and rice milks because, quite frankly, we knew pasteurized milk offered little to no health benefits, even if you buy organic. The government wants people to consume pasteurized milk. We could go into our theory of why but the bottom line is what will serve YOUR body and health? Everybody is different and reacts differently to nutrition. We have a increase in autoimmune disease what can each of do to gift our body what increases our immune system and health? 

We have Valentine who gifts us extraordinary milk and good milk does the body good. 

Raw Milk Controversy

Scott is mlking valentine and I happened to catch him on Life Stream while I was away.

In training as a holistic health coach studies in the history and controversy of raw milk were offered. We have been advocates and teachers of whole, raw food for years so when we decided to have a milking goat, and actually drinking the milk, we developed first hand experience on how delicious it is and how our bodies felt after consuming it. Over the past year of enjoying the milk ourselves, talking with other raw and pasteurized milk dairies we have also had several guests stay who have traveled outside the US and have raved about the health benefits of raw milk. We are sold! And now because of Valentine's production we are able to offer shares!

Decide for Yourself

Momma goat is feeding one of her kids. Raw milk is so delicious

Experts say raw goat milk is the closest thing to human mothers milk.  There are many perspectives on raw vs pasteurized milk. As a matter of fact, many countries use raw goat milk when a mother can not nurse. 

Here are a few articles for your reading pleasure. We don't know what we don't know and knowledge is power.

Grazing Helps Goat Milk

Families come to Sage View Ranch in Paonia Colorado to walk with the goats and learn to milk.

People who come to Sage View Ranch have the opportunity to walk with the goats. when we take them out to graze twice a day. Interestingly enough they don't eat everything. They prefer alfalfa, elm tree leaves and apricot leaves that grow here. We think Valentine's milk is the sweetest because she is addicted to apricot leaves and when they are ripe she eats them but spits out the pit. And she teaches her girls the same. 

Our Goats Love People

This couple came out to Sage View ranch to see the sites and mee the goats.The baby goats loved them

Goats are very smart and they can be trained to some degree. Our girls love hanging out and walking with us. They also love meeting people.  People who experience Valentine's milk can hardly get over how amazing it tastes. We feel it has everything to do with her meeting and enjoying a variety of people, having such a grazing variety here on the property, along with her daily healthy meal which includes coconut oil, body balance supplement, black sunflower seeds and a few other things.  Yep, she is spoiled and so are her girls.

Raw Milk: Is it good or bad?

Laurie studied holistic health through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and was blown away to find out why we really have pasteurized milk today. Even through Dr. Axe has strong convictions, from Lauries education, his nutrition information is correct. Knowledge is power so if you like videos here is what Dr. Josh Axe has to say in 4 minutes. 

If you decide to go with raw milk it important to know the source. 

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