Chicken Eggs - Free Range

Yummalicious Eggs


Friendly, happy, free range, chickens that consume bugs, local feed and healthy scraps are the key to yummalicious eggs!

Want Healthy Eggs?


Our eggs are limited to the output from these girls. If you are interested in experiencing some of the best organic fed free range chicken eggs around they are $4 per dozen contact us here at Sage View Ranch

Meet our Egg Givers & Rodney the Rooster


When you visit Sage View Ranch you'll see our chickens roaming as they have true free range. They meander wherever they choose here on the ranch. In return they offer us delicious eggs! Rodney, the rooster, is pretty special as he protects all of his girls. 

Chickens are Smart


People say chickens are dumb but we say they are smart. They walk from their coop in the morning and travel around the property yet not onto the highway. When they are ready to lay an egg they go to their coop or to the goat barn to lay their eggs! It is nice because it keeps us from having a daily egg hunt. 

When the sun goes down they all go into their coop and put themselves to bed. Then it is our responsibility to shut and lock the coop so that predators won't get them.

Chicken Caution


When you are walking around the property the chickens may gather around you in hope that you will feed them, they always seem hungry! Do not feed the chickens or they will never leave you alone. If Rodney, in any way, seems aggressive take a step toward him with arms raised and tell him "NO!" He sometimes thinks he can control all of us. 

Get Close to the Chickens


Would you like to feed and or hold the chickens?  We have scrap containers and organic feed which can be offered in the morning or late afternoon down in front of their coop. Text or call us at 303-522-2210 and we will set you up.