Welcome to Valentine's Live Stream

The kids are at Sage View Ranch! April 14, 2019 Valentine had two baby girls. This cam is bound to make you smile....often. Watch as they grow and play.

Live stream

They have names!

Goat Milk

Valentine is still nursing her girls but is also gifting us as well. Goat milk is

is more nutritious than cow milk and is lower in lactose levels too. Look what 

Dr. Axe has to say about it.

Interested in goat milk?

Want to see Valentine deliver her kids?

It was as if Valentine really did give her permission to have her birth live for the world to see. On Sunday April 14th when she was ready to deliver she went into her barn and layed down in view of the camera! Her labor and delivery went really quick

Watch Val's delivery

Val Cam - Beta Live Stream

Click the pic and click 'LIVE VIEW" on YouTube to view her live.

Valentine's and her girls reside in a spacious fenced area almost equal to two football fields. Enjoy the view from her barn when she shares her space with the chicken sisters and Rodney the rooster. If the timing is right you might catch a resident cat or two. In the evening when she is closed up is the best time to catch her.  The plan for more cameras around her pen is coming together nicely. More angles and views for more cuteness overload. 

Live Stream

To help you peek in on them Val shares her APPROXIMATE and FLUID spring schedule (mountain time)

7:30am My peeps open the barn door and then we go on a walk to graze

8:30am I get milked

10am - 3pm Free Ranging with my girls and chicken friends.

Sometime between 3 and 5pm We go out with our peeps for another walk.

Sunset (Mountain Time) my peeps close us up safe up in my barn. for the night